Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beekeeping Field Day 6-21-08

Many AMBA members attended the beekeeping field day held at Camp Hickory in Accident, MD on saturday June 21st. Camp Hickory is tucked away in the woods behind the North Garrett High School and the North Garrett Middle School currently under construction. Its an environmental education center for all ages of students. The class room was very nice, you'll notice all of the taxiderminy around the room. It was just a short walk to the filed site. Before the meeting even began a swarm was captured right by the building. We very much appreciate the work that the Garrett county club did to set up the meeting and it gave us a good opportunity to meet members of the Garrett county club. We invitd them to our palnned Honey feast which will be held August 8th. WV Apiarist George Clutter gave a presentation and discussed many of the support programs for beekeepers that WV has implemented. Bob Noel gave a presentation about the formic acid research that he and Dr Amrine had been doing. The wetaher was very nice and it was a very field day event. Oh and the chicken lunch was exceptional.

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