Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Allegany County fair 2008

Here is a picture from the Allegany County fair.
Some of you were able to see the "bee" at the August meeting / Honey Feast. The donated honey and wax figures brought $100 for the 4-H scholarship fund at the bake sale auction Tuesday evening.

A special thanks goes out to all who took the time to display some of their products and for those who came out and talked with the people about beekeeping. Thanks goes out to Harry Mallow for providing the observation hive each evening.

Honey Feast

Our meeting this month focused on foods and snacks that are made with honey. Members brought in their dishes and recipes. We discussed the recipes and then enjoyed the snacks. I provided some brief information about fall treatments that I had received from the Brushy Mountain
enewsletter. Perhaps this "Honey Feast " will become an annual event that coincides with the annual honey harvest time frame.

July Meeting

Several members were traveling to the Heartland Bee Association meeting in Huntington, WV this month. Mike Burkett provided the group with a demonstration of some honey extracting equipment.