Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pollinator Resource

Merry Christmas too each of you! I found this nice 24 page pollinator's booklet for the central appalachian region and wanted to share it with you. It's got a good list of species to consider planting when you are doing some landscape renewal this spring. I will try to remember to make a few copies to have at our January 9th meeting.

Follow the link below

Kind regards,

Ben Cooper

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Meeting - Holiday Party

The final meeting of the year was so much fun! Everyone was in a festive mood and we all were looking forward to having a plate full of tasty snacks and exchanging jingle gifts. The 2009 Officers were recognized - President: Fred Litten; Vice President: Ben Cooper; and Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Burkett. The club is in good hands!

Steve started the meeting by reviewing the highlights of each meeting to include the topic and who the guest speaker was. Ruth had created a summary chart for each month to include the topic and who gave the presentation. Then made up a poster board of the entire year highlighting each meeting. We covered a lot of ground in 2008! Thank you Steve for providing the club with interesting guests and discussion topics!!! Also your work setting up the Google work space and blog gave the Allegheny Mountain Beekeepers Association a professional presence and the ability to share information "between" meetings and that will enable the club to accomplish so much more.

Ben Cooper was selected as "BEEKEEPER OF THE YEAR - 2008" for Outstanding dedication to beekeeping in 2008. This includes activities related to the Allegheny County fair, support of youth programs, knowledge sharing and overall beekeeping activities; marketing efforts such as the bee costume and displays; Generosity of the numerous hand crafted beeswax molds that he gave to individuals and donated to the club raffles; The sharing of knowledge and contributions of pictures and reporting on the AMBA blog and workspace; Research and initiation to support current AMBA grant applications; Continually being upbeat, optimistic and engaging during discussion of beekeeping and related activities. Congratulations Ben!