Saturday, December 15, 2007

2007 Beekeeper of the Year

At the final meeting of 2007, the Allegheny Mountain Beekeepers Association awarded Richard Cutter the selection as the 2007 Beekeeper of the Year. This is a new award and it will be awarded each year in December. Richard has been a long standing AMBA member and club officer and has graciously done a lot to support the club in 2007. He supplied many door prizes for the club including nucs and hives. These are great prizes and really increase the raffle activity at our meetings. So congratulations to Richard on being awarded the 2007 Beekeeper of the Year. Each year the name of the current year's winner will be added to the plaque.

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Ruth Martin said...

Well deserved! Thank you Rich for all the information you shared with club members and your generous donations of bees, hives, grease patties, other supplies, and last but not least... delicious Home Made Ice Cream!!!